| We make frames from the dough – here how
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We make frames from the dough – here how

We make frames from the dough – here how

Salt dough is a very good and affordable material for original photo frames with your own hands. This will require the following products:

Flour (250 ml);
Fine salt (125 ml);
Water (100 ml);
Vegetable oil (2 tablespoons);
Set of food paints.
Salt should be wireless, that’s important. First, the dry ingredients are mixed, then water is added with the dissolved nutrient color, the dough is mixed.

Then add the oil, re-mix the mass again. The test takes two hours to lie down before you start working with it.

You can not add food colors, leave a lot of white, then finish the product with a gouache.

Here are the options for photo frames made from salted dough.

The final product should be dried in an oven at low temperature (80-100 degrees) for several hours. During the process, rotate the frame around to dry both sides. Can not dry at high temperature, the dough can break.

In the end, you will only have to cover the frame with varnish.

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