| Photo frame made of cardboard and napkin
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Photo frame made of cardboard and napkin

Photo frame made of cardboard and napkin

Why give money to photo frames when you can make them yourself. This frame is made of handy materials. The project is not difficult and it will take you about an hour.

To create such a framework, you will need the following materials:
– a breakfast cereal carton
– a towel with interesting pox
– glue
– scissors
– tape
– a dummy blade

Way of making

Rip the cardboard box and draw a picture on one side of the frame for the frame.

Cut out two cardboard pads with the size of the photo as well as a narrow stripe to form the back of the frame by folding it into the shape of the pyramid and the bindings.

Draw a smaller rectangle on one of the cardboard pads – this is the front of the frame.

Cut out the rectangle with a dummy blade. Do not cut directly on the table or countertop so as not to scratch the surface with the blade. Place a board or some other suitable object. In this case, we used the envelope from the picture.

Glue the cut-out front for the other cardboard pad using a tape, skip one of the sides – the top or one of the side to have a place to put and remove the photo.

Apply a small amount of glue C 200 to a part of the frame.

Take a small piece of napkin, place it on the glue-coated part, and gently grind it to get the effect of crushed paper.

Continue to apply glue to a part of the frame, then stick small pieces of napkin in the way already shown.

This should be the frame when you are finished. Seal well any space in the frame so that the picture of the package is not visible.

Glue the triangular back in the middle of the back of the frame with a tape. If you do not want the colored part of the package to be visible, you can leave it on the inside of the frame. I personally like it to be seen because it gives a catchy appearance to the frame.

Your frame is ready. Just leave the picture and put it on a shelf or section in your home.

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