| How to make unique photo frame with few tricks
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How to make unique photo frame with few tricks

How to make unique photo frame with few tricks

Materials and Tools
Scissors, compasses, cutter, pencil
Decor for a volume frame (dried or artificial flowers, mosaic)
Balloon with paint (I have – silver)
Adhesive, double-sided scotch tape

Step 1. Create the basis for the frame
Cut out a thin “halo” from the cardboard – the diameter of the semicircle should be smaller than the size of your frame.

Step 2. Fix flowers
Use glue to create your future frame decor. It is advisable not to leave any gaps, so paste the decor as denser as possible – the bud to the bud.

Step 3. We paint the frame and decor in one tone
I used a silver aerosol from a can and stained with a weight. If you plan to paint on a table, do not forget to close the surface.

Tip: Color and frame and decor in one color – so the product will look more integral. Alternatively, you can combine different shades of metal: for example, “silver” with splashes of gold, giving the frame a slightly vintage appearance.

Step 4. Prepare pieces of mosaic
Next, you need any mosaic for the color of your paint and double-sided adhesive tape. Since we do not plan to fill the seams between the mosaic pieces, I suggest removing them from the grid or paper (soak).

Step 5. Make the frame
We cut out the cardboard from the cardboard, the inner contour of which will repeat the floral decor of the frame. Carefully insert the cardboard base into the frame and fill with mosaic empty areas around the decorated semicircle.

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