| How to make picture frame with gypsum
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How to make picture frame with gypsum

How to make picture frame with gypsum

Fortunately, this is gypsum. Working with it is easy. Even in the absence of certain skills you can make a pretty original construction done.

To do this, firstly, a form is needed. It can be any plastic container with an interesting relief of its pastries. He carefully examined it. The reservoir must be free from tears and dents. If there are indentations, it is slightly expelled and smooth.

To mix the solution for the frame, they need water, gypsum, container, spoon or mixer. From then on, he does everything to:

Pouring liquid pouring plaster and stirring until it becomes a semi-liquid mass of creamy texture.
The solution is poured into the mold to a level of not less than 6 mm and not more than 10 mm. After drying the casting should not be too weak, as it may break. Too thick, too, is not necessary.

With clips or wire line to do is to put aside. While the plaster is not seized, place a contour on the top of the frame. Once the casting hardens, an opening bends his hands, making it a horizontal position.
One day, pull the mold out of the mold and let it dry. After thorough drying of the workpiece, remove sandpaper from various defects.
When you finish this operation, latex product gruntuesh or acrylic paint, which is both background color.

Decorative elements of a convex frame distribute bronze or gold acrylic paint, like the appearance of antiquity. It is then treated with each waterproof lacquer on the front and rear sides several times.

The work is almost complete. Finally, leave a picture or a picture below the size of the vignette and paste it. It is better to use double sided tape. So it is possible to change the image if necessary several times.

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