| How to make a picture frame made of cardboard with your hands
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How to make a picture frame made of cardboard with your hands

How to make a picture frame made of cardboard with your hands

Find the right frames for photography, painting or embroidery – another adventure. How much do you need to work around stores to get a design that’s appropriate in size, design, and color? Obviously a lot. But there is also a simpler option – to frame it with its own. Because the picture frame with your hands from a tree does not allow everyone, we offer a simpler version – a cardboard frame. A detailed master class of its production and decoration, see this article.


Which is necessary for the production of frames
Passepartout cardboard – Step by step instructions
How can a photo be framed?
Multiple decoration options
Materials and tools
Before making a picture frame with your hands out of the board, prepare everything you need.

You will need:

color cardboard, for the frame;
Linking healthy background cardboard;
pencil marking;
Online triangle for marking;
breadboard or stationery knife;
metal ruler to reduce the frame.

Because, in terms of construction, the mat-frame is a cardboard cut in the middle of the window, it is best to reduce by or pattern a stationery knife. It is much more comfortable than a scissors and cuts are smoother. Just remember before you start table covers all kinds of substrate, which is not a shame to reduce or scratch the process. In skarpbukinge when these works are used for cutting mat. But if this is not available in your household, you can put a glass, a plastic mat or a cutting board.

Cut out of a colored cardboard box with the dimensions of the future frame. Turn it and draw it from the wrong side of the corners diagonally. So mark the center of the rectangle. Also, away from the center to both sides of the vertical distance almost equal to half the width of the frames that make up your frame. Horizontal, respectively, measuring both sides almost half the length of the photo. And now, based on this layout, build a rectangle that will outline in the frame of the window.

Important! Use to mark a triangle. Line one side of a cardboard sheet at the edge, and measure the distance from the other. Otherwise, the window frame in turn curves.

Why should not it be measured along the whole length and breadth of the image of the future? This is for the purpose, so do not think about how to fix a framed picture. Left armor will keep it secure. To do this, cut from the front wall of the frame so that its inner periphery is less a photo 0.5 cm on each side.

Then everything is simple – take a breadboard knife and carefully cut through the window of our future internal mat. Team for this metal is better to take in order not to hurt the knife and cut grimace. Additionally, cut out a rectangle to the back wall and paste it into our three-sided frame. On the fourth side put the picture, and you’re done!

Tip: Use double-sided tape to glue the frame. Unlike glue, it does not deform the cardboard. Still, it should not dry – you can use the circuit immediately after assembly!

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