| Here is the project how to make paper photo frame
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Here is the project how to make paper photo frame

Here is the project how to make paper photo frame

Do you have a beautiful picture but do not have a frame for it?

No problem. In this lesson, you can see how to make a frame of paper.

You will need the work

packing cardboard (corrugated cardboard), glossy paper from old magazines or whatever you have on hand, PVA glue, scissors and acrylic paints.

Cut the corrugated board with the size of the picture, plus another 3 centimeters on all sides.

The ends of the cardboard are lined with glossy paper strips. Then you take sheets from the magazine and roll them on a roll to produce a rigid tube.

You can use a pencil to wind the tubes, which you can then pull out. You will need 12 tubes for the whole job, one sheet of paper needed for each tube.

Once all the tubes are ready, take four, arrange them at the end of the cardboard, cut them at an angle of 45 degrees and stick them as shown in the picture.

The remaining tubes are normally cut at 90 degrees and are stacked on the inside of the first four. The picture sticks to the center of the corrugated board and the frame is painted in colors as desired.

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